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Market Opener 11 November 2020

Mixed overnight international equities leads. Oil, gold, copper and other key base metals higher. Singles Day online shopping event today. US federal government holiday tonight. US election legal challenges in focus.  (read more)

11/11/2020 6:59:00 AM

Market Opener 10 November 2020

Overnight international equities and oil sharply higher. Gold lower. Positive potential Covid-19 vaccine data. China producer prices and CPI 12.30pm. Australia business survey 11.30am. Multiple US election legal challenges. EU-US and EU-UK trade relations  (read more)

10/11/2020 6:55:00 AM

Market Opener 9 November 2020

US president-elect declared over the weekend. Legal challenges lodged, however. China October trade figures in hand. China-Australia trade relations remain fluid. Weekend agreement to continue EU-UK trade talks. Overnight Friday oil lower; copper higher.  (read more)

9/11/2020 6:56:00 AM

Matket Opener 6 November 2020

RBA six-month policy and forecasts update 11.30am. China-Australia trade relations in focus. Overnight $A, gold and nickel higher; oil lower. US employment figures tonight. Ongoing US election count. Friday.  (read more)

6/11/2020 6:55:00 AM

Market Opener 5 November 2020

Australia trade figures 11.30am. Several large-cap domestic stocks hosting AGMs and providing updates. Bank of England and US Federal Reserve policy meeting outcomes tonight. Overnight $A, oil, nickel and aluminium higher; gold lower. US presidential vote  (read more)

5/11/2020 6:51:00 AM

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