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amscot Stockbroking is a full trading and clearing participant for Australia's leading stock exchanges. Our clients, regardless of which trading products they choose, get the best access to liquidity, price improvement, and fastest order execution that can only be achieved by trading all available Australian markets.

Lowest Rates For Online Share Trading

amscotOnline's low cost online stockbroking services beat the competition on brokerage at nearly every price point. Simple pricing without complicated tiers. See more about rates...

ValueRate - $9.90 or 0.077% (whichever is greater)

TraderRate - $33 or 0.044% (whichever is greater)

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amscot parent company State One ranked #1 in ASX settlements

ASX settlement benchmarks for March put amscot parent company State One in #1 spot.   (read more)

04 APR 2017 09:04

ASX Investor Days - Early Bird Sign Up Closes Tomorrow

ASX is running it's Investor Day events around Australia in March. Early bird rate sign ups close tomorrow for some of the events   (read more)

23 FEB 2017 02:02

Access to overseas markets - coming this year

Chi-X has announced it will offer a new product called Transferable Custody Receipts (TraCRs - pronounced as "Tracers") from as early as the first half of 2017. TraCRs are based on an underlying asset that is a member of the primary index of a specified   (read more)

18 NOV 2016 01:30

Chi-X Warrants Now Offered by amscot

We are excited to announce we can now offer trading on the Chi-X Warrant Market. As you may be aware, all amscot clients already enjoy increased liquidity through the access that Chi-X offers to the Australian equity market, with up to 20% of the total tr   (read more)

15 NOV 2016 01:18

State One ranked #1 in ASX settlement benchmarks

amscot's parent company State One Stockbroking Ltd has again topped the ASX rankings, rating #1 of 35 clearing and settlement broker participants on the ASX. This has again confirmed our status as a reliable settlement partner.   (read more)

04 NOV 2016 10:50

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