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amscot Stockbroking is a full trading and clearing participant for Australia's leading stock exchanges. Our clients, regardless of which trading products they choose, get the best access to liquidity, price improvement, and fastest order execution that can only be achieved by trading all available Australian markets.

Lowest Rates For Online Share Trading

amscotOnline's low cost stockbroking services beat the competition on brokerage at nearly every price point. Simple pricing without any complicated tiers. See more about rates...

ValueRate - $9.90 or 0.077% (whichever is greater)

TraderRate - $33 or 0.044% (whichever is greater)

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Support For Chi-X Warrants and TraCRs Products

amscot is working on support for the Chi-X warrants and ETF markets currently. We are also excited to announce our planned support for the new Chi-X TraCRs product due next month which will allow Australian investors to buy overseas stocks.   (read more)

Posted On:30 SEP 2016 12:00

State One ranked #1 in ASX settlement benchmarks for August 2016

amscot's parent company State One Stockbroking Ltd has been ranked 1st in ASX's settlement performance benchmarks for August 2016   (read more)

Posted On:02 SEP 2016 10:54

RIU Resources Investor Roadshow 2016 - Free for amscot Clients

On behalf of our parent company State One Stockbroking, one of the sponsors, we would like to invite you to this free investment roadshow. The dates are: - Sydney Tuesday 27 September Intercontinental Hotel, Sydney - Melbourne Thursday 29 September   (read more)

Posted On:30 AUG 2016 12:00

New Website Released

We are excited to announce the release our new website. The website has been completely rebuilt to be mobile friendly and the content has been reorganised to make it even easier to find the information after.   (read more)

Posted On:27 AUG 2016 12:00

Glennon Small Companies LTD Initial Public Offering

amscot's parent company State One Stockbroking Ltd is please to announce it's role as Retail Manager and Arranger for the Glennon Small Companies LTD ("GC1") IPO.  

Posted On:10 JUL 2015 07:38

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