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IRESS Investor

IRESS Trader


A phone based trading service for clients preferring to place orders via our Australian based phone desk.

A cost effective static, but real-time online trading platform. Great for casual investors.

Our premium dynamic real-time online trading platform. The preferred choice for active traders.

Best for

Infrequent/Casual Investor

Active Investor/Light Trader

Active/Professional Trader


Exclusive IPOs

Phone Orders

Online Orders

Free Research

Bank Account

Any Australian Bank*

Macquarie CMA

Macquarie CMA

Margin Lending

Most Margin Lenders

Leveraged Equities

Leveraged Equities

Trade Bulking


Yes, TraderRate only

Yes, TraderRate only

Multi-market Access






ValueRate - $11.00 or 0.088%
TraderRate - $33 or 0.066%

ValueRate - $11.00 or 0.088%
TraderRate - $33 or 0.066%

Monthly Fees




Fees Rebated

Not Applicable

If more than $80 in brokerage is done during the month

If more than $220 in brokerage is done during the month

* Must allow direct debit.

† GST included in amount.

** Platform fees for Iress Trader with Multi Market Access are $110 per month debited from your trading account, (Should you generate more than $330 in brokerage during the calendar month, you will be rebated for this Service) Multi Market access allows direct access to place orders on the Chi-X and ASX CenterPoint Market.

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