about amscot

amscot Stockbroking is the non-advisory division of State One Stockbroking Ltd (AFSL 247100), a full trading, clearing and settlement Participant of the Australian Securities Exchange Ltd (“ASX”) and a trading Participant of Chi-X Australia (“Chi-X”). We are not related to any non-Australian entity. amscot was established in 2002 to provide Australia's best value and most comprehensive non-advisory broking service.

In achieving this, we focus on three core aims:



amscot aims to offer the most competitive brokerage rates in Australia, and our success here has been recognised by surveys in a number of finance sector magazines for both our internet and phone-based services. Importantly, our pricing is highly competitive across all contract values, not just at the price points used for award ratings. Furthermore, we offer two very attractive online brokerage plans.



amscot aims to offer 'full service minus advice'. We seek to re-personalise an increasingly de-personalised industry. Discounted brokerage should not equate to discounted service. Whether you are trading online or on the phone, we understand that traders require a very high quality service, with immediate response being critical at all times.



amscot aims to be totally trader friendly. Our systems are of the highest quality available, and amscot does not interfere with or impede your online entries, ensuring that your orders go immediately into the market. Our phone dealers are not just order takers, but are highly trained professionals who add value to your trading activity. Also, we do not use answering machines. You are at all times greeted quickly by a professional Australian-based dealer. For phone trades, amscot dealers are happy to spread and feed large orders as instructed by you.

amscot offers you user-friendly online account opening procedures, with a "save" facility for partly completed applications, and ready support if required.

Please note that amscot is a non-advisory service.

If you want advice

If you are a client who is not sufficiently experienced to operate in the equites market on a "no-advice" basis, State One has teams of private client advisors who can assist you.

The teams are located in both Perth and Sydney. To contact a State One private client advisor please click here or call 1300 651 898 or (08) 9288 3388.

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