About State One Capital Group

State One is an independent Australian-owned financial services group. We are not related to any non-Australian entity. State One has been operating since 1993, having become a full Market Participant of the Australian Securities Exchange Ltd ("ASX") in 2000 and a trading participant of Chi-X Australia in 2012. State One Capital Group staff exceeds 40 in number, with offices in Perth and Sydney. At State One the focus is heavily on the quality of service we provide to our clients.

In addition to the amscot non-advisory broking service, State One also offers:

  • client advisory broking services, under the State One Stockbroking Ltd brand;
  • corporate fundraisings - raising seed capital, sponsoring Initial Public Offerings and managing equity placements;

State One and its staff have won numerous awards for their service. These include awards for the excellent value of the amscot online and phone services as well as Stockpicker of the Year for FY2009, at the Stockbrokers Foundation Dinner in 2009.

As a Market Participant of ASX and Chi-X your assets with State One are afforded the protection of the National Guarantee Fund. Holdings are at all times kept in your name and cannot be transferred or on-lent without your permission.

State One has:

  • at all times encouraged its clients to pursue conservative gearing structures;
  • never actively encouraged the lending of stocks to other parties;
  • at all times dealt only with leading financial institutions. Currently the key intermediaries which State One employs are: NAB, Macquarie Bank and the Bendigo Bank subsidiary, Leveraged Equities.

Both State One Stockbroking Ltd and its associate, State One Equities Pty Ltd, have capital reserves which are well in excess of the requirements as prescribed by ASIC, ASX and Chi-X. Furthermore, the State One Capital Group has a very conservative financial structure, with absolutely no debt of any form in any group companies at the time of writing.

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