amscot has online broking products to suit every level of share trader or investor. All of our products can be combined with your choice of trading platform and commission rate plan to create a tailored package that suits your trading style.

Online Share Trading

amscotOnline is for clients who want to place their own orders into the stock market, requiring only an internet connection and a web browser to run the trading platform. We offer several flavours of trading platform catering to everyone from the casual investor right through to the active or professional trader. Our online share trading products are supplied by IRESS Market Technology who have proven themselves to be the leaders in share market and wealth management systems in Australia.

We offer a choice of two rate plans that can be paired with any of the online trading platforms - the ValueRate which is better value for casual traders and investors whose trade values are typically less than $40,000 and is calculated against the trade value on a “per order” basis; and the TraderRate which is more attractive at trade values of $43,000 or more - specifically designed for the highly active or professional trader. View the amscotOnline brokerage rates and comparisons

Phone Share Trading

amscotPhone offers a convenient service for those who do not have the time or confidence to place orders themselves. Our Perth based phone desk offers one of the most effective phone trading desks in Australia. The desk is staffed from 9:15am to 5:30pm Eastern Standard Time on all trading days. Our team is trained to provide you with prompt, efficient and courteous service, whether you are a regular local trader or a one-off sale client.

Our phone rates start from $38.50 (inclusive of GST) for a trade of up to $5,000. You will not be able to find a cheaper rate for telephone trading from any other established stockbroker. Our scale of brokerage rates is structured to be highly competitive at all size of trades - to view, please click here.

Our dealers are more than happy to spread and feed large orders into the market for our phone trading clients, a service that most other stockbrokers do not offer. At the end of each trading day, contracts are emailed directly to you.

One Off Share Sales

Due to a technical issue we are unable to execute One Off Sales.

amscot offers a sell only service for shareholders who don't have a brokerage account and are looking to quickly sell just one or a few parcels of shares at prevailing market prices.

The One Off Trade facility is designed for clients;

  • Who wish to sell shares quickly
  • Who hold shares on SRN (Security Reference Number)
  • Who don't wish to open a full trading account
  • Who expect to only make one or just a few trades
  • Who have been issued shares in a company float (eg AMP, Telstra, IAG, Medibank Private)
  • Who may have acquired shares through employee share incentive schemes
  • Have acquired shares through a deceased estate or inheritance

We offer two straightforward low cost services for selling shares:

Express One Off Sales Service

$82.50 or 0.55% (GST Inc)

  • Fastest Turnaround Time
  • Online Lodgement
  • Online ID verification
  • Sales proceeds disbursed in 2 ASX business days
  • Direct Bank Deposit or Cheque

Value One Off Sales Service

$42.00 or 0.22% (GST Inc)

  • Lowest Cost
  • Lodgement by Post
  • Certified ID Required
  • Sales proceeds disbursed within 5 ASX business days
  • Direct Bank Deposit or Cheque

One off share sales have been a core part of our business since we were established in 2002. We can sell your issuer sponsored shares easily without the need for an existing relationship with a share broker. By selling your shares through amscot you get the advantage of our expertise, gained from the many years of experience operating this facility, plus the security of dealing directly with a registered market and clearing particpant of both ASX and Chi-X.

Advisor Services

amscot Advisor Services is a comprehensive and competitively priced third party equities trading, clearing & settlement service offered to holders of an Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL).

It is the most competitive third party equities settlement service in Australia. It provides you with back office support and online tools, while you maintain the client relationship.

amscot Advisor Services offers:

  • Trade confirmations can be on amscot letterhead or carry your own branding and style.

  • Your own customised client area on the website providing all of the features required for you and your clients to manage your exchange share trading activities.

  • Account opening forms; Portfolio performance reports; Real time portfolio valuations; Client Ledgers & Trading history reports; Brokerage collection and rebates; Daily adviser reports

  • Online Execution can be done by the Dealer or by his Client.

    Our Bulking feature lets you bulk multiple trades in one stock to just one contract note for big savings.

    All trades are on a strict cash & stock vetting basis, i.e. if the client has cleared funds in a Cash Management Account they can buy; if they have stock on the State One HIN they can sell it.

  • We use the market leading and fully dynamic IRESS trading platform with State One’s highly customised back-end. For further information on IRESS click here.

  • amscot Advisor Services clients have access to our phone desk when required.

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