amscot is proud to be a foundation member of the ASX mfund service. This platform allows unlisted managed funds to be bought and sold through a common platform with the units settled to your existing HIN.

Margin Lending

Our phone and internet trading accounts can be set up to settle through a margin lender.

For phone accounts most margin lenders can be used and our operators will get authorisation from the margin lender prior to the order being placed.

For online trading amscotOnline supports the linking of Leveraged Equities Accounts. Once linked, your portfolio and loan balances will be automatically updated into the trading platform from our daily feed from Leveraged Equities allowing you to trade without requiring authorisation first. To view the Leveraged Equities website click here.


Recent years have seen a huge increase in the number of people running their own Self Managed Super Funds (SMSF). The availability of products like exchange traded funds (ETFs), warrants, exchange traded goverment bonds, and managed funds (through the ASX mFund platform) in addition to direct equities investing have made it possible to build a diversified portfolio yourself for your superannuation fund.

amscot provides an integration to CLASS Super who offer cloud-based SMSF portfolio and accounting software. Our data feed uploads the details of you trading activity to the CLASS Super platform daily. This can also be combined with feeds to our other portfolio services.

Portfolio Services

Our clients can take advantage of the free reporting myAmscot offers to assist with their trading reconciliation and tax accounting. However if you require more specialised portolio and reporting services we also have integrations to BGL and Praemium that will send the details of your daily trading activity daily via an automated feed.


amscot offers trading in all types of warrants listed on ASX & Chi-X. The amscot brokerage terms are the same competitive brokerage terms offered for equities.

Before trading in warrants, each amscot client is required to read the ASX Understanding Warrants Booklet & Chi-X Investing in Warrants Booklet, then sign the Warrant Agreement Form, to confirm that they have done so, and submit it to amscot Discount Stockbroking.

Clients should understand that the quoted prices of warrants, dictated largely by the market maker, do not always relate directly to the prices of the underlying security. Also, it should be understood that the volumes of warrants offered for trading may be variable. A final point is that, as warrants are simply a form of option, it is possible that they can expire with no value whatsoever.

For these reasons we strongly recommend that clients ensure that they fully understand the potential risks associated with purchasing each of the numerous types of warrants, and that they show extreme caution when considering trades in warrants.


amscot offers dealing in the ETFs and ETCs listed on the ASX and Chi-X. These are fast growing sectors of global markets, both locally and abroad. Currently there are over 40 exchange-listed ETFs & ETCs.

ETFs are investment funds which track an index or basket of assets but trade like an individual stock. Most ETFs track the major stock index of a country or of a particular industry group. A similar instrument is an Exchange Traded Commodity (ETC) which tracks the price of a single or group of commodities – eg gold or a precious metal basket. There are also Exchange Traded Currencies, with the USD now being traded ASX and Chi-X.

ETFs have a number of attractive features, most notably the easy diversification and instant exposure to a basket of assets or an overseas market. Also, you can enter and exit an ETF investment as you would a share, and be assured of 2 day settlement.

ETFs have emerged as low cost instruments for the diversified investor seeking broader exposure to domestic and foreign indices, currencies and commodities with a minimum of fuss.

The amscot brokerage terms for ETFs and ETCs are the same competitive terms as offered for equities, which means they offer an inexpensive means of constructing a diversified asset portfolio.

amscot views ETFs and ETCs as being of lower risk than many forms of warrants, as they are not typically geared. They do however trade on the same market as the warrants. Also, clients should understand that the quoted prices for ETFs and ETCs by the market makers may not always exactly mirror their underlying Net Asset Value (NAV).

Before trading in ETFs, each amscot client is required to read the ASX Understanding Warrants Booklet & Chi-X Investing in Warrants Booklet, sign and submit the Warrant Agreement Form, to confirm that they understand the possible risks associated with this type of investment vehicle.


Now you can access the benefits of corporate bonds using your amscot account

XTBs (Exchange Traded Bond units) are a new way for investors to access the returns of individual corporate bonds. They provide a listed fixed income alternative in a diversified investment portfolio.

Buying XTBs is just like buying shares. They have the same benefits of ease of access and transparency as other ASX investments you trade through your amscot account.

Short Selling

amscot offers both online and phone based short selling through Leveraged Equities.

Leveraged Equities' Short Share facility offers short selling over approximately 110 securities, with Lending Ratios of between 15% and 50% being offered.

Short Sales are only offered in parcels of not less than $50,000 per stock.

Please note: a separate amscot account is required for short selling.

To view the terms of Leveraged Equities shorting facility click here.

Contingent Orders

Whether you are a trader or a long term investor, you can benefit from the use of contingent orders. The faster the market is moving, the greater is the potential benefit from using these techniques.

amscot currently offers four different forms of contingent orders. These orders can be placed either on the phone through one of our dealers, or through amscotOnline. Whilst these are all designed to trigger one or more orders once certain preconditions are met, you should note that there can be no absolute guarantee that the orders sought will in fact be triggered or that they will necessarily result in completed trades.

To assist in the management of contingent orders, alert messages can be set up to display all of the contingent orders which have been triggered.

Contingent order types

Individual Buy / Sell Order

The conventional type of contingent order, where an order is automatically generated, once a specified condition is met.

For example: a contingent order can be created to generate a BHP buy order at $40.00 for 500 shares if/when BHP last trades at $39.99. Alternatively, the contingent order could be created to sell at $40.00 if the last traded price for BHP is $40.01.

If required, you can generate an alert message for each contingent order which has been triggered.

One Cancels Other

A "One Cancels Other" (OCO) order is a combination, comprising two contingent orders with different trigger conditions. When one contingent order triggers, the other contingent order is automatically deleted. An example of such a pair could be two purchase orders in different banks, each with a specified purchase price. When one of the orders is triggered, the client has made his required investment, and the other pending order is immediately withdrawn from the system.

If Done

An "If Done" contingent order is typically piggy-backed on a market order, being triggered only once the market order trades. Typically, the second order is used to cover the position taken with the original order. When used with an OCO order, two orders can be placed: a profit taking order and a stop-loss order. Whichever one triggers first then cancels the other order.


amscotOnline can generate a range of alerts and notify you when they’re triggered. Notification can be via email or via sms (you need your telecom providers gateway address).

Price Alerts

Can be generated when the last price traded for a specified security is 'greater than or equal to' or 'less than or equal to’ the alert criteria; or when the cumulative volume traded for a given security for the current day is equal to or greater than a specified value.

News Alerts

Can be generated when an announcement is released for a selected security; or a news headline is disseminated containing one or more specific keywords.

Contingent Order Alerts

amscot offers a number of types of contingent orders. Alerts can be generated when a contingent order is triggered or when the order is partially or fully traded, or when it is not traded within a specified period.

There is no charge for amscot email alerts, whilst the sms alerts can incur a charge of up to $2.20 per alert, charged by your telecom provider.

Wrap Platforms

Have the ability to trade through your Wrap, and let amscot do the rest.

If you currently use any of MLC, BT or Colonial First State wrap products, we can help. By enlisting amscot Online as your broker, we can execute, settle and clear your equity trades.

Utilising amscot Online via your wrap platform is Australia’s cheapest investment solution to all your wrap trades. With services starting from as low as $16.50, if your enterprise is looking to invest, sell or trade existing shares, using amscot Online makes the process of transactions more efficient and streamlined.

For more information on the expert services offered by amscot Online's non-advisory wholesale product, contact us today on 1300 308 305 or email us at [email protected].


amscot Intermediary provides stockbroking services for professional clients, including Licensed Dealers, Financial Planners and other Financial Institutions.

Choosing amscot allows Intermediaries to keep their brokerage costs to clients at the lowest possible level, while ensuring they experience superior customer service and order management.

All amscot trades are settled through our parent company, State One Stockbroking Ltd, which is a full trading, clearing and settlement participant of the Australian Securities Exchange Ltd.

State One has regularly been rated #1 of all ASX settling brokers in the benchmarking of Settlement Performance, reinforcing our capacity to offer intermediaries a truly professional service.

We offer proven risk management and of course, total anonymity.

Please contact our amscot Desk for details on how we can tailor our services to meet your particular needs.

Alternatively, providers of financial services may opt for amscot Advisor Services, our white label service.

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