mFund - Overview

amscot offers access to the ASX mFund platform for buying and selling unlisted managed funds units directly from your trading account. As a foundation member we are proud to be one of just a handful of retail brokers to be able offer this facility.

The mFund Settlement Service is a product from the ASX that aims to connect brokers and investors with fund issuers via a common framework. The end result is an easier way for investors to access unlisted managed funds for their portfolio and track them side by side with their existing CHESS registered holdings.

What are the potential advantages of mFund products over other shares?

  • Diversification Managed fund products allow you to access a diversified portfolio made up of different asset classes and industry sectors. This can reduce your level of investment risk by minimising the impact of poor performance by a particular industry or industry sector.
  • Potential wealth generation A well-chosen managed fund, used individually or in conjunction with other investments, can create a portfolio to assist your efforts to generate wealth.
  • Cost-effective investment Investing in a managed fund is as affordable as investing in shares. You can start investing with a relatively small amount, adding to it cost effectively over time.
  • Access to a range of assets Managed fund products can provide access to assets that can assist with portfolio diversification but which you may not otherwise be able to invest in due to factors such as:
    • financial limitations (e.g. shopping centres)
    • market access (e.g. international shares) or
    • where it is difficult for individual investors to gain research, information or insight to performance (e.g. small or micro-cap stock or those within emerging markets).

What are the advantages of the mFund Settlement Service for investors?

  • Access to a broad range of managed funds from a central point
  • Potential to enhance returns through exposure to a wider range of asset classes and by accessing the services of professional fund managers
  • Easier transaction and administration of managed fund investments, including the ability to use their existing stockbroking account to access managed funds
  • More-timely access to a wider range of information about managed funds, including unit prices and related announcements
  • Same high level of settlement certainty investors enjoy with shares
  • A holistic view of investments held through ASX under a single CHESS HIN
  • Easier to change between unlisted managed fund investments
  • Potential to manage entire share portfolio from a single interface

ASX mFnd Foundation Member

More information about the mFund products and the mFund settlement service can be found on the ASX mFund website.

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