Standard Features

There are are number of features which are provided free to all amscot customers regardless of the service or platform they choose.


myAmscot is our secure online area for clients which will provide you with 24 hour online access to view:

  • your portfolio
  • stock quotes & company information;
  • contract notes
  • financial ledger
  • outstanding orders
  • research & market commentaries;
  • reports detailing activity on your account.

The reports available within myAmscot provide all the information you will need to reconcile your daily trading activity and to assist you in completing your end-of-year tax affairs.

View samples of each type of report by clicking on each below:

Click here to preview the myamscot client area.


In October 2011 a new stock exchange called Chi-X Australia launched it's equities market as a competitor to the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX). Chi-X now trades in all the same equities that ASX does with up to 20% of the total market value being traded on Chi-X each day. The competition has driven a number of improvements and additional products from both ASX and Chi-X.

So what does this mean for you? To put it bluntly, if your broker doesn't have access to the Chi-X market you're not getting the best trading opportunites. The main advantages are price and fill. Price improvement can be achieved because of orders (both buys and sells) being entered at different prices across the two exchanges creating a situation where it may be advantageous to buy or sell all or part of an order on a particular exchange. The fill rate refers to the amount of an order that can be satisfied at a particular price level. So if you wish to trade in a stock where some of the orders have been posted on ASX and some on Chi-X then naturally you need access to both exchanges to increase your chances of filling your order at the price level you desire.

All amscot's clients get access to both ASX and CHI-X markets for best fill rates and prices.


All clients get free access to the research our market analysts produce. By logging into myamscot clients can search through articles produced by our own analysts and external market research firms. In addition we have mailing lists that can be subscribed to providing the latest updates, including:

  • State One's daily Market Opener report;
  • State One's weekly market commentary, the Spinnaker;
  • analyst comments on selected stocks as they report;
  • Capital Raisings.

Capital Raisings

The State One Capital Group is regularly involved in the raising of monies, especially on behalf of small and mid-sized companies. Resources companies feature prominently in our list of corporate clients. These raisings can on occasion deliver substantial profits to investors, and are typically totally free of commission.

State One has numerous successful IPOs on ASX to its credit, some of the more prominent recent ones being Galaxy Resources Ltd, and Australian Bauxite Limited. We also regularly participate in seed capital raisings ahead of IPOs, as well as placements in already listed securities. Often these are done at significant discounts to prevailing market prices.

These raisings can range from as little as several hundred thousand dollars to tens of millions from sophisticated professional and institutional investors in Australia and abroad. The largest placement State One has completed to date raised $US160M for the major emerging Brazilian iron ore producer Ferrous Resources Limited. Click here to view our list of recent raisings.

amscot has partnered with OnMarket BookBuilds to give our clients greater exposure to investment opportunities. In addition to the IPOs and Capital Raisings that we offer (through our parent company State One Stockbroking), our clients can participate any any of the numerous offers hosted by OnMarkets. OnMarkets unique IPO bidding platform allows our clients to bid for shares in offers that they wouldn't otherwise get access to with the added simplicity of having any shares they purchase registered to their amscot holdings automatically.

Read more and view the current OnMarket IPOs here

Please click here to register your interest in our capital raisings.

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