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Market Opener 31 May 2024

Material domestic and regional economic data due. Overnight, US equities, oil, copper, nickel & aluminium lower. Key euro zone and US data tonight. Middle East and Ukraine-Russia conflicts remain on watch. Last trading day for May.  (read more)

31/05/2024 7:54:00 AM

Market Opener 30 May 2024

Material domestic economic data due. Overnight, $A, US equities, oil, gold & copper fell. Aluminium continued higher. US GDP update tonight. Middle East & Russia-Ukraine conflicts on watch.  (read more)

30/05/2024 7:57:00 AM

Market Opener 29 May 2024

Trio of influential domestic economic reports due. Overnight, oil, gold, copper, nickel & aluminium higher; US equities markedly mixed. Key data for Germany & the US tonight. Ukraine-Russia & Hamas-Israel scenarios on watch.  (read more)

29/05/2024 7:52:00 AM

Market Opener 28 May 2024

Material domestic economic data due late morning. UK & US markets closed overnight, so no definitive commodities or equities leads. Key domestic & international growth & inflation data due from tomorrow through week's end. Russia advancing further in Ukra  (read more)

28/05/2024 7:50:00 AM

Market Opener 27 May 2024

Key data in hand from China & more due today. Overnight Friday, oil, nickel, aluminium, S&P 500 & NASDAQ higher; copper lower. Fragile geopolitical scenarios. US & UK observing public holidays.   (read more)

27/05/2024 7:54:00 AM

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