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Market Opener 30 September 2020

China PMIs and Australia private sector credit late-morning. Overnight $A and gold higher; oil, nickel and international equities sentiment lower. US presidential campaign debate 11am. UK and US GDP revisions tonight. September quarter - last trading day.  (read more)

30/09/2020 7:47:00 AM

Market Opener 29 September 2020

Positive overnight international equities and key commodities trade. $A higher. Plethora of domestic property stocks trading ex-dividend. September quarter - second last trading day. Middle East - US fluid relations.  (read more)

29/09/2020 7:53:00 AM

Market Opener 28 September 2020

China industrial profits in hand. Positive US equities trade overnight, but most key commodities settled lower. Oil sector watching new Azerbaijan-Armenia conflict. September quarter ends Wednesday. Key international data through the week.  (read more)

28/09/2020 7:49:00 AM

Market Opener 25 September 2020

Australia banking and lending sector announcement anticipated. Australia preliminary August trade figures 11.30am. Overnight, WTI crude and gold higher; iron ore and key base metals lower. Friday.  (read more)

25/09/2020 7:51:00 AM

Market Opener 24 September 2020

$A and US equities sentiment drops. Overnight gold, iron ore, copper, nickel and aluminium lower. Post-overnight trade US presidential election and Covid-19 vaccine comments. New report indicating China recovery uncertainties.  (read more)

24/09/2020 7:53:00 AM

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