IRESSTrader (webIRESS) fees and charges

Our most popular trading platform for online share trading is IRESSTrader (also known as webIRESS). This platform incurs a monthly fee which may be rebated depending on the level of trading.

Feature Cost (GST Inc.)
IRESSTrader (webIRESS) Platform fee $88.00 per month debited from your trading account
Dynamic real time Australian equities prices $nil
ASX Data Fees + Royalties $nil
Contingent orders (eg trailing stop loss) $nil
Email alerts – price, news, etc $nil
Full depth display $nil
Historical price and company data $nil

Please note: These fees and charges will be rebated to your trading account once more than $220 in brokerage are generated in a calendar month.

The following features are additional extras that you may subscribe for. The costs will be charged monthly.

SFE - Futures Depth $55.00
International Markets Live $11.00
London Metal Exchange Live $19.80
International Markets Indices Live (IZ) $29.70
Reuters News $55.00
Dow Jones Aust News $55.00
ASX Com News Live (PDS) $33.00
Excel Addin $55.00


  1. "month" means the period from the first day in a calendar month to the last day in that calendar month, inclusive.
  2. "trade" is a fully filled order or the first trade of a partially filled order.
  3. "order" is defined as an instruction to purchase or sell a particular class of securities or an instruction to amend or cancel a prior instruction to purchase or sell a particular class of securities to the extent that the instruction has not been executed in part or in full.
  4. "online trading" is the facility offered by amscot Discount Stockbroking to place orders directly in to the market via the amscot website. This service is subject to the client agreement details as stated in the trading rules of the amscot Account Application Form.

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