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amscot Stockbroking in the running for more awards

amscot Stockbroking has been once again been named a finalist in two categories for the upcoming Smart Investor Blue Ribbon Awards. 

24 JUN 2011 04:39

amscot voted Best in Class Most Outstanding Value for Active Equities Trading

amscot Stockbroking has once again excelled in the active traders category of the latest online trading awards. This is the third major national award won by amscot in the past twelve months. 

24 JUN 2011 04:39

amscot has lowered its phone brokerage

amscot has lowered its phone brokerage rates which are now the most competitive in Australia. The new rates now make it cheaper to trade with amscot over the phone than with some competitors via the Internet. 

24 JUN 2011 04:39

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