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Glennon Small Companies LTD Initial Public Offering

amscot's parent company State One Stockbroking Ltd is please to announce it's role as Retail Manager and Arranger for the Glennon Small Companies LTD ("GC1") IPO.  

10 JUL 2015 07:38

State One ASX Transactions surpass $5 billion for 2011

State One Stockbroking Ltd, which trades under the State One and amscot brands, has this week surpassed the $5 billion mark in transactions on the ASX for 2011. 

03 NOV 2011 03:00

CFD Margin Calls

Readers may have read in the newspapers recently about the global difficulties of derivatives broker MF Global . If you are a client of State One, you can rest assured that neither we nor our clients are exposed to CFD products. 

03 NOV 2011 02:32

amscot confirmed as the Active Traders Choice by Your Money Magazine

amscot's status as the Active Traders Choice has been confirmed in the recent survey of Online Brokers conducted by Your Money Magazine (see December 2011 edition). 

21 OCT 2011 02:21

State One transacts over 3 billion

The parent company of amscot Stockbroking, State One stockbroking Ltd, has transacted over 3 billion dollars' worth of ASX trades in the first six months to June 2011. State One is consistently averaging over half a billion dollars of trades each month. 

01 AUG 2011 10:00

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